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Omniworks Services offers the best IT recruitment services in Hyderabad. Omniworks IT Consulting services are private-sector-focused but also serve public-sector clients in some markets. Omniworks IT Consulting are young, and manpower staffing services are the quickest and most optimistic. Omniworks provides professional staffing solutions for a startup company to an MNC-level company.

Direct Hire

At Omniworks, we handle direct hire placements. Our hiring experts deploy high-tech tools and find industry knowledge to directly place candidates in the organization.

Contract Hire

To ensure you have adequate staff during emergencies we provide a contract to hire staffing options to fill all types of time-critical roles.

Temporary Hire

We provide enough time for companies to evaluate the performance of candidates. In the hiring process, a candidate is selected based on skills.

Permanent Hire

We will help you select candidates you can work with your company for the long term.

IT Consulting Services

We Handle All Your IT Challenges


Access Senior Expertise

Our Senior Talent have a lot of industry and project experience


Reduce Hiring Time

With recruitment and staff augmentation, you can skip posting jobs, searching the market, and multiple interviews.


Cost-Saving Benefits

Since we offer you ready to work candidates, you save a lot of money that could be otherwise used to train them


Access to IT Professionals

We have project managers, business analysts, developers, cloud developers, application developers, and IT support staff - ready to assist you.


No-Risk Hiring Flexibility

Get access to the top talent without accessing any risk of a full-time hire. Here you can hire them, analyze and then decide.


We Bring the Best

With our years of expertise, we offer highly qualified professionals after proper screening and searching.

Frequently asked question

Staffing service is defined as a service provided by an agency (staffing agency) wherein the agency hires its own employees and then deploys them to companies that require employees on a temporary or contractual basis. The client company does not have to go through the hassles of recruitment.

Companies need to maintain optimal staffing levels depending upon the change in the number of projects they handle. For example, if there is a sudden demand for more employees to work on a project, then these temporary employees can be quickly supplemented to that project without wasting the time and efforts on recruitment.

This way staffing costs are reduced and current set of permanent employees need not be overworked to meet the demands of such projects.

It differs from company to company. A majority of these companies do not provide benefits to temporary employees. It is also a challenge for them since the tenure of temporary employees may not be fixed and also need to be downsized when in case of an economic downturn. Financial implications of such changes can be quite high. Thus, the ownership is taken by the staffing agency but is mostly limited to health care and other minor benefits.

  1. The organization submits the requirement for number of employees to the temporary staffing agency
  2. The CTC break up is shared with the candidate and an offer letter is issued
  3. Onboarding process involves collecting document, checking for references and issuing an appointment letter
  4. Actual employment is initiated wherein payroll, statutory compliances and leaves are managed by the temporary staffing agency
  5. At the time of completion, the exit process is handled by the agency that involves handover of tasks, full and final calculations and finally providing the relieving letter.
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